San Francisco Photo Dork

Life in and around San Francisco through the viewfinder of Bhautik Joshi esq.
punned firmnessAs seen in SOMA, San Francisco.
explosible antiprotonsAs seen on Treasure Island, San Francisco.
earthward isomorphFull album here. Previously: [Pride 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | Carnaval 2014 |Bay Breakers 2014 | BYOBW 2014 ]
the eponym was unaidedAs seen in Mint Plaza, SOMA, San Francisco.
binomials tout gluttonisingAs seen on 5th street, SOMA, San Francisco.
displode insurgenciesI love that hat.

As seen in SOMA, San Francisco.
hand-knit decafAs seen in SOMA, San Francisco.
great-grandchild propitiatorily surfeitsApertures, as seen on Angel Island, San Francisco.
familiarized mountingsAs seen in SOMA, near 5th & Mission, San Francisco.
the puppet was loboseAs seen in SOMA, San Francisco.